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Terms of delivery

The Products are delivered ex-works EMMIS factory, Kifisia – Attiki, Greece, as such term is defined in the Incoterms 2020. The Buyer shall pay all transportation and insurance charges for shipments of the Products as well as all import duties and custom brokerage fees and shall be solely responsible for obtaining and paying for such other import licenses, permits or clearances as may be required. The risk of loss or theft of or damage to the Products shall pass from the Manufacturer to the Buyer upon delivery. Insurance of the Products against the risk of loss, theft or damage during transportation can be made only by the Buyer.

Terms of delivery can alternatively be CIF, FCA or any other term according to INCOTERMS 2020 to be agreed between Manufacturer and Buyer.

The Buyer confirms the acceptance of the quantity, quality, price, terms of sale and terms of payment of the Products unless a written opposition statement is sent to and received by the Manufacturer within five (5) working days after the Buyer receives the Products. If the above period is passed without such opposition statement, no defect of the Products is acknowledged and no return of the Products is accepted.
In case that the Buyer sends a written opposition statement to the Manufacturer, the return of the Products is valid only after Manufacturer’s written acceptance and only when Products returned have not been used and their packaging remains intact. The Buyer bears the cost of transportation of returned Products.

Insurance policy

In case that, following the agreed terms of payment, freight and insurance are arranged by Manufacturer, the insurance policy concerning the transportation of the Products is valid only if all following conditions apply:

  • It is necessary that the consignee-client should inspect the products in every detail, during delivery, in order to make sure that no damage exists; then, at least packing should be checked for obvious damages.
  • Any findings from the inspection of the received products should be necessarily mentioned on the C.M.R. (Convention on the Contract for the International Carrier of Goods by Road), before signing it for delivery affirmation.

Delivery time

Delivery time for orders of standardized products, which are on stock, is three (3) to five (5) working days at maximum after the receipt of advance payment.  Products, which are not on stock, fifteen (15) working days are valid, accordingly. Delivery time of non-standardized products requiring individual specifications set by the Buyer is under discussion and depends on the complexity of the Products to be manufactured, their technical specifications, their quantity and availability of requested materials.

The buyer can visit production facilities at any time during the manufacturing process in order to inspect the manufacturing and quality control processes of his order.

Terms of payment

For standardized products, 50% of the value of the invoice is paid as advance payment with the acceptance and stamp of the Manufacturer’s offer and 50% of the value of the invoice is paid before dispatch of the Products. For non-standardized products to be manufactured on the basis of Buyer’s individual specifications, 100% of the value of the invoice is paid by the Buyer with the acceptance and stamp of the Manufacturer’s offer.

Advance payments are non-refundable, excluding the cases where special agreement has been made between the manufacturer and the client and this agreement has been written on the manufacturer’s offer (or proforma invoice).
Terms of payment can alternatively be by irrevocable Letter of Credit payable at sight from First Class Bank upon agreement between Manufacturer and Buyer or any other special agreement between the Manufacturer and the Buyer.
Any and all amounts owed by the Buyer to the Manufacturer which have not been paid when due according to the agreed terms of payment, shall bear interest from the due date until actually received by the Manufacturer at the rate equal to the statutory interest rate.

The Products remain under the ownership of the Manufacturer until the full amount of the invoice has been paid by the Buyer and received by the Manufacturer. 


Manufacturer grants a warranty period of ten (10) years for the standardized Products except for the Products which are intended for outdoor use (construction sites, camping etc) and the autotransformers which bear a warranty period of two (2) years. The warranty is granted in full compliance with the Manufacturer’s warranty policy and terms.

After-sales service

Manufacturer offers its clients full and timely technical support, not only before but also after sale takes place relating to the effective and safe installation and functioning of the Products. For this purpose, Manufacturer has a technical support department whose technicians can be contacted and shall provide technical advice and guidance either by phone at +30.210.3460222 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Disputes settlement

All transactions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Greece. Any dispute arising in connection with the transactions or agreements between Manufacturer and Buyer shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Athens, Greece.

All written communication via email & fax between the two parties are valid and applicable for dispute settlement purposes.

Order validity

For buyers based in EU countries, the placement of order is valid only after the Buyer signs, stamps and sends back to the Manufacturer the signed and stamped Proforma Invoice by email or fax. For buyers based on non-EU countries, the placement of the order is valid after the Buyer signs, stamps and sends back to the Manufacturer the signed and stamped Proforma Invoice and Sales Contract by email or fax.

With the Buyer’s acceptance of the Manufacturer’s offer (Proforma Invoice and sales contract when applicable), the above sales terms are bound both for the Buyer and the Manufacturer