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Special seminar on harmonic components

Special seminar on harmonic components

The problems created by harmonics in modern electrical installations concerns more and more professionals in the industry. Nevertheless, there is a considerable gap in knowledge about how to deal with these kind of problems.

For this reason, EMMIS presents thoroughly the issue of harmonic components in a special technical seminar organized by the educational company "OIKONOMOTECHNIKI – Group of Companies".

In this 14-hour seminar – which will take place on 13th and 14th of November 2019 – the participants will be informed and trained on issues related to the quality of electric power – energy, its nature, the basic parameters, the active and reactive power, quality characteristics and factors that affect its quality.

The seminar is addressed to Managers and Executives of electromechanical departments of small industries and industrial enterprises, Electricians and Mechanical Engineers, scholars – contractors, architects and civil engineers involved in studies and construction of buildings.

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