Strategic cooperation between EMMIS and Piraeus University of Applied Science

In the framework of the development of cooperations and synergies with the scientific and academic community, EMMIS concluded a strategic agreement with the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Piraeus University of Applied Science.

Both parties formulated a long-term plan of common actions and signed a Memorandum of Undrestanding.

The agreed common actions are:

  • Organization of events aiming to inform and edicate electricians and graduates (at least once per year).
  • Support towards undergraduate and postgraduate students for the production of their essays.
  • Organization of technical seminars for small groups of students, including live monitoring of the production and quality control processes of the certified transformers.
  • Support and upgrade – when possible – of the university’s laboratories with donations of products and equipment.
  • Offers for internship to graduates.
  • Organizion of scientific activities with the participation of other academic institutions.
  • Cooperation in research activities at national and European level.

The base line of this cooperation is the mutually beneficial and constructive connection between the scientific community and knowledge with the job market and the real business world.