MAR/TC - Three-phase marine transformers
MAR/TC - Three-phase marine transformers
  • Rated power: 10KVA – 1600KVA
  • Type: Dry
  • Input phase – phase voltage: up to 1000V AC
  • Output phase – phase voltage: up to 1000V AC
  • Operation frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Operation: Continuous at full load (service factor 1)
  • Voltage drop (no load – full load): up to 5% for power up to 15KVA, up to 2,5% for power over 15KVA
  • Protective class: Ι
  • Insulation class: F (155°C)
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 45°C
  • Maximum temperature rise: 90°C
  • Environmental class: 2
  • Protection degree: IP 23
  • Terminals: rail clamps or high current stud terminals or bars (depending on rated current)
  • Cooling: normal air flow (AN)
  • Lifting way: eye nuts into enclosure
  • Mounting way: flooring
  • Thermal protection: temperature sensors into windings (optional)
  • Remote thermal control: temperature monitoring with RS 485 port (optional)
  • Manufacturing standards: IEC 60076-11, IEC 60092-303, IEC 61558-2-4, Lloyd’s Register’s & Bureau Veritas Rules and Regulations
  • Approval: LR, BV Type Approvals

Smart enclosure design

The smart design with special air openings and hidden places inside the enclosure provides high protection degree and the necessary cooling for energy saving.

Thermal losses avoidance

The special high current stud terminals, which we use in all marine transformers, prevent thermal losses and increase their efficiency, due to the elimination of connection failure risk.

Energy saving

The combination of enclosure’s smart design, high current stud terminals and advanced design software with simulation ability, maximizes the energy saving for the entire transformer’s lifetime.

Easy maintenance

The easy removal and repositioning of enclosure’s parts ensures complete and comfort access, makes work easier and reduces the required maintenance time.

Easy installation

The easy removal of the base and whole terminals cover, ensures comfort and unobstructed access, both for the cable routing and connections to the terminals.

Safe installation and operation

The special cable’s routing and their mechanical restraint, eliminate the potential danger from possible leakage current and the progressive cable loosen.
Moreover, the installation of temperature sensors into windings, provide transformer’s protection and uninterruptible operation against any unpredictable overheating.

Safe transportation

The lifting eye nuts on the main body of the transformer minimize the human interference during the transportation and provide to prevent from possible accidents at work or enclosure damage.

Maximized lifetime

Due to design for low temperature operation, which minimizes the insulation stress, the transformer’s lifetime is extended.

High durability in difficult environmental conditions

The high standard enclosure, the special painting specifications and the specific processing of metallic parts for rust protection, ensure high durability in adverse environmental conditions (humidity, temperature) of/in marine applications.

Special indelible rating plate

The transformer’s rating plate has been designed to be durable in time, in order to avoid cases of transformer identification inability.

Special requirements

Thanks to our manufacturing capacity of low-voltage transformers with wide power range (10-1600KVA), input voltage (up to 1000V) and output voltage (up to 1000V), we can fully satisfy any special requirement.

  • Lighting supply
  • Emergency circuits supply
  • Power supply for freezer vehicles in parking stations
  • Supply of galley consumers