EMMIS MARINE marine transformers at a shipyard in Portugal

Certified marine transformers by EMMIS MARINE were selected and installed in the framework of three (3) shipbuilding of new ships by a Portuguese shipyard through company NAVE DE LUZ.

The project consisted in the construction and export of totally 19 certified marine transformers, from the MAR / TC series, with a total power of 2.63 MVA.

The 19 transformers were installed in 3 brand new ships:

  • World Explorer, a 98-cab luxury shipboard expedition vessel,
  • the M / S Douro Splendour, a 80-meter river boat with a capacity of 126 passengers, and
  • the Jose Duarte, a transporting materials riverboat

Certified marine transformers for shipbuilding in Portugal

EMMIS is the only company in Greece to manufacture – through EMMIS MARINE – certified type approved marine transformers. The certification is from the Lloyd’s Register certification body.