EMMIS MARINE: EMMIS new business unit for the shipping industry

EMMIS MARINE manufactures and supplies exclusively for shipping, integrated power supply, control and power optimization systems.

It operates as an independent business unit of EMMIS SA utilizing and further developing the valuable know-how and experience accumulated over the last years in the manufacture of certified products and technical support in terms of installation, safe operation and maintenance.

The EMMIS MARINE systems are used in lighting, car parking, galleys and accommodation spaces, electrical panels and power tools.

EMMIS MARINE’s integrated solutions start from measurements to collect and record the necessary data and values of the ship’s electrical installation.

Based on the results of the measurements, the study of the ship’s electrical power quality is carried out, following both local and international standards (IEC, IEEE, ABS etc.) including energy saving possibilities.

Subsequently, appropriate equipment is proposed based on the individual needs of each ship, with all the necessary actions of installationcommissioningmaintenance and technical support.

EMMIS MARINE systems consist of the following product categories: